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Vibrant economy of The Villages is leading economic driver in Marion County Florida.

TDC Marion and EDC Marion County have partnered to drive Marion County to Prosperity.

Marion County CC. Com Joins the Dynamic Partnership.  81% of Marion County is booming toward economic recovery. 

Lake Weir Yacht Club Christmas Parade.

Adena Springs recieves 2012 EDC Marion Enterprise Award !

EDC Marion County Florida presents The Commission Solution 
Following Governor Scott's Jobs plan, Marion County Commissioners have created a jobs EDC Liaison position to foster new and expanding business.
Lawren Moody and family developed a unique enterprise to capture "the World's Finest Water" and bottle it out near the Lake George area.
For centuries fine mineral water has bubbled to the the surface and drained to the ocean.  Battling the anti business crowd the Moody Project finally gained approval of the Marion County Commission.
 Historically, Marion County Funds have gone to Ocala's "in crowd", but the new Liaison Officer will treat Marion County EDC as equal partners to Ocala New Startups.Smile 
Water and Government are caught up in the Environmental Climate Change political movement developed under the UN Agenda 21 land use program.  Today we speak with Lawren on the subject. 


Ocala Best Environmental Jobs Creation Award Winner 


Special to Marion Sun Times  An interview with Lawren on the slide into social control of Florida's economy.

352 427 9844 

 ED:  Lawren, When did the process of social/political/economic takeover get started, and how is it progressing?


This process started in 1972 with the Clean Water Act and all the other regulations that followed, NPDES, groundwater contamination standards, and these maximum daily loads and MFLs all fall under the clean water act.  Wetlands are also on this battleground and that is the significance of the Michigan case because they are all tied together under the Clean Water Act. Here is a web site that is helpful in understanding how we have gotten to this point.

ED  Recent meetings on TMDLs and a Silver River BMAP plan are here and now.  Where are we in the process and where is this social/environmental agenda going?


Now we are down to the last nuts and bolts.  TMDLs was the basis for the recent Silver River BMAP.

Next will be water levels with minimum flows and levels (MFLs).  Basically they have decided if by using the water you "affect" the water body then you can not have your permit.  Almost exactly like Global Warming.  Is it weather that causes rain and heat or do humans cause/contribute?  That is why the arguments are fought with such vigor by the collectivist and internationalists. 

We are not there yet, but it is coming soon and why the Newspaper guys have paid so much attention to it.  It is the larger agenda you shackle you and limiting your ability to utilize the natural resources around you.  It has been 100 years in the making.  We already have the inheritance tax that assures that a father can not pass on the fruits of his labor to his family.  That was step one.

Next will be nailing down the Agenda 21 Land Use Planning by driving us all off the land that we can not use anymore without "affecting" nature.  If you can not use it, you can not afford it.  And if you can not afford it, you loose it.  Then just like the European paupers our children will be feudal tennents on land crammed near the city that you can not afford due to driven demand and prices to high to own.

There will be land "out there" but just like in England you will not be able to use it unless some prince on high lets you live there as a tenant farmer.

If they can be defeated on wetland issues as in Michigan, they can be defeated on these others as well.



ED Lawren, thanks for the "heads up" on the use of land use planing and water crisis driven political take over of our society.  Wetlands and Sewer Effluent discharge linkage to Dr. Knight and HT Odum Institute as Sewer Plant Discharge consulant is also involved in 50 years of tax funded impact study.  Is this a case of the Fox Guarding the Hen House?

The Marion County Commission is beginning to question the use of local government resources to advance the social political agenda HT Odum springs protection type return to substaince living.  We look forward to further discussins with Lawren Moody.




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Bargains are the order of the day.  Your money simply goes farther in Marion County

Stop by and visit with Ned, Lana and Matt.  Tune up your current car, or treat yourself to a Rocket Golf Car.

Still powered electrically, the Masters Golf Car just gives you that Rocket Feeling. 



Masters Golf Cars Wins EDC Action Award 

Jobs and Private Business Development
Governor Scott promote private enterprise as the Jobs answer.

Marion County Commissioners take on the delecate challenge of representing all of Marion County.

Ocala historically has been so close to the inside crowd that a few local insiders seem to control Marion County EDC and TDC resources.

EDC Marion County is the longest standing Economic Development Organization in Marion County. Started in 2010 to give representation to all of Marion County, the EDC of Marion County survived where others failed even with subsidies exceeding $100,000 annually.

Discover Marion County, and TDC Marion are succeeding where the subsidized Ocala groups have trended down.  Historically driven by beer distributors and hospital leadership the EDC and Chamber need a drink for medication and come to our Marion County Party!

Going it alone has spelled failure for Ocala and the old line insiders. The Vibrancy of Marion County especially from the extreme wealth in the Villages is proving to be a formula for success.  When you say "The City" you are probably talking about Summerfield or Belleview and not Ocala. 


Lawren Moody Speaks

EDC Marion County Florida presents The Commission Solution 
Following Governor Scott's Jobs plan, Marion County Commissioners have created a jobs EDC Liaison position to foster new and expanding business.
Lawren Moody and family developed a unique enterprise to capture "the World's Finest Water" and bottle it out near the Lake George area.
For centuries fine mineral water has bubbled to the the surface and drained to the ocean.  Battling the anti business crowd the Moody Project finally gained approval of the Marion County Commission.
 Historically, Marion County Funds have gone to Ocala's "in crowd", but the new Liaison Officer will treat Marion County EDC as equal partners to Ocala New Startups.Smile 
Water and Government are caught up in the Environmental Climate Change political movement developed under the UN Agenda 21 land use program.

Land Use Takeover based on Water Crisis Environmental Politics of Agenda 21

Masters Wins Marion County

     TDC/EDC Innovation Award

Drawing Tourist to Marion County to boost our economy with the purchase of a Masters Golf Car is a Win, Win.

Customers visit the Masters Golf Car sales venue then cross the stree to enjoy the Market of Marion.

 Marion Commission EDC Marion Achiever 

 Ocala Best EDC Enterprise Award 2012  Adena Springs Ranch Stephen Hunter MST-Ocala




Cowboys, saddle up!  Adena ranch is receiving strong support for their Beef Cattle facility expansion.





Initially the Ocala Star Banner forgot that we send a Billion Gallons of Marion County water to the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico daily from Silver and Rainbow Springs.

We have so much water that a billion gallons bubbles out and runs off to the ocean daily decided residents after hearing the details of the cattle operation.  Horses and cattle capital of the world.  It has a great ring! 


Marion County Florida Hosts the 

USA National Wake Boarding Championships.

Come to Lake Weir, stay at the Nest on Lake Weir, and enjoy what we live with year' Round. 

USA Wake Surf Nationals


  Marion Pays the bills Ocala often takes the limelight.

Consider the Voter Count in Ocala vs. Marion County
Usual voter turnout is a few thousand in Ocala. Out here in Marion County we can't vote for Ocala Officials.  The Marion County Commission is the only government we have.  Ocala/Marion does not represent us out here in Unincorporated Marion County.  Question:  "Can Ocala Continue to Dominate Marion County" if we are to develop to our potential?  

Is it time to recend the Ordinance declaring "Ocala" our Marion County name?
Candidates for Marion County Commission and other Marion County offices, what do you think about representing all of Marion County?   The people are ready for the MCBCC to represent and to promote All of Marion County.    Ocala's "In Crowd" is in charge of Marion County.  The Election Cycle is our best chance to be heard and be considered.  Small private companies have received special recognition, contracts, and cash awards in order to keep be the Ocala spokesman in business.  We want our own Marion County Spokesman.
We started competing groups to the Ocala favoriates some competition.  That was 5 years ago.  Even new commissioners appear powerless to fight the Ocala crowd.

View this little ditty:  The word is getting out that Marion County outside Ocala is where the real power resides!  We are trying!
Most Tourist Programs Like the National Wake Surf Championships for Marion County get changed to Ocala.  See the Video.

The name change to "Ocala" is a joke on all of us!  For every 10.000 voters in Ocala there are 50,000 voters in Marion County.

Should we make Ocala King?  Ocala is on a 10 year economic nose dive because of insider politics.  Support and TDC Marion.  Wealth is all around Ocala but Ocala is dying.  Too many taxes, too much infrastructure, to much control of funds from across Marion County.  We are keeping a failing system in funds.  Stop funding Ocala with our share of taxes, and they will feel reality.  Ocala is like the federal government, using us all to live above their political and economic means.

Our Marion County Commissioners did not run for the Ocala Commission.  Dr Niblock is not the Ocala Administrator.  Yet Ocala gets a great deal, and we get slim rations out here in Un-incorporated Marion County.

Is our Board of County "Un-Incorporated".  
We have funded our selves, and we have beaten the Ocala TDC, Ocala CC, Ocala EDC at their own game.  All are asking for more money from our Marion County Commission, and they are getting more money, or they would fail.  We don't make six figures, or get contracts for our personal private companies, nor do we get awards or even recognition out here in Marion County.
Commissioners, ask yourselves, where would Ocala EDC, Ocala Visitors, Ocala CC be if government didn't give them free buildings, awards, recognition, funding, and contracts.  We at Marion TDC, CC, EDC survrive and gain marketing ground while denied even recognition.  Even a Google search is changed to "Ocala" by the purchase of Optimizing words.

Candidates, are you running for the Ocala/Marion County Commission?

Even Mayor Guinn of Ocala, only received 1576 votes out of a total of 3,221 votes.  That is hardly enough votes to justify Ocala as the key to Marion County Economic or Political Success. 
Carl Zalak recieved 53,940, Bryant recieved 64,029 out of a total of 104,000 votes.  

If the Marion County commission wants to give Ocala private companies and Ocala City most of our political power then we Must Object.  Check the Logo's, Check the Signs on the Roads, Check the Web Sites, Check the recognition of Ocala this and Ocala that.  Ocala has 80 % of the county problems and less than 20 % of the population.  We are tired of carrying Ocala.  At least try to promote Marion County, you might just be surprised.  At least acknowledge the Marion County Tourist Development Committee, the EDC Marion County, the Marion County Chamber of Commerce,

We are Marion County and, We are on the march!

We are storming the castle!

What part of Marion County do you want to be known as representing?

Steve Hunter, MST

View State Report Card:  Florida receives mixed grades and Dynamite Risk Report.  We can do better.  Follow Integrity Florida for Risk Report, and State Integrity report to see grades.
Attend if you can:   Dan Krassner to speak in Marion County.  The League of Women Voters of Marion County have invited the Integrity Florida CEO to speak.  Perhaps Marion TDC and EDC issues will come to light.
After years of decline EDC Ocala fails to receive $145,000 of tax payer's funds as has been the case for many years.  Ocala EDC is a small private company that for years has received Ocala and Marion County taxpayer funding to keep the Six Figure salary of CEO Pete Tesh paid the Economic Development of Ocala company now has competition.  Marion EDC receives no tax payer funds as well as Marion Marion Chamber.   Discover Marion County is supporting the Marion EDC and Marion Chamber to promote Marion County.  TDC Marion is the voice of Marion County's Tourism Development Committee that is pulling together an effective promotion of Marion County Florida without the problems that so often have plagued TDC operations around the State of Florida.  Rebuilding trust in TDC operations is job one according to the TDC experts.  Marion County Commissioners have worked in recent years to bring the Ocala Visitors Bureau into compliance with Florida Statutes 112.311.
 EDC Florida and Tax Watch Florida Recognizes the Integrity Florida  Corruption Risk Report, with the Tax Watch Florida 2012 Government Transparency Award.

News: State of Florida and FBI expand tourism dollar spending in Conflict of Interest TDC investigationTDC Suicide in nearby TDC investigation causes concerns at TDC Marion County.

Brad Rogers, Ocala Star Banner Editor, Editorial "Shrouded From the Sunshine" calls out local Ocala EDC for hiding corruption under the clouds in EDC Corruption, large and small editorial.  Ocala EDC is a junior Enterprise Florida organization and Brad is letting them have it with both barrels.  Go get'em Brad.  EDC Marion has worked for years and we appreciate Mr. Roger's highlighting the nonsensical waste of Tax Payers funds by the Ocala EDC for years.  EDC Ocala, TDC Ocala, have both come under the Focus of the Marion Sun Times and the Ocala Star Banner in recent years.  Integrity Florida is gaining traction, we wish them the best of luck and welcome their coming to the table.  It looks like Integrity Florida will help us open the process of transparent government funded dealings here in Florida. "Our scope and influence has been limited by the lack of funding over the years," stated CEO Don Browning.  An example is the County Commission focus on apparent conflict of interest at the Ocala Visitor and Convention Bureau.  It seems that to promote your business it may be necessary to be on the board of directors of the Ocala TDC.  According to a Commissioner who asked not to be named, over 2/3's of all the marketing business comes back to the directors who developed and funded the projects.  



Integrity Florida launches Corruption Risk Report: on Enterprise Florida.  Executive Director Dan Krassner is touring the State of Florida to help bring transparity to the Governor's effort to promoteFlorida's Economy.  Krassner is directing the effort shared by many Floridians that is we are more open, honest, and ethical in our state official dealings we will be more effective.  EDC's across the state have operated in an unaccountable fashion with little or no accountable.  Central Florida is a prime example.  Taking in tax dollars for years, the Ocala EDC showed little or no positive economic results with the exception of directing 6 figure annual incomes to the few who operate the cloud of secret cover.  

 Operating as a governmental agency when it is helpful, and sliding into a small private company, the Ocala EDC recently joined the Ocala Chamber of Commerce as both fell on hard times unable to keep up the high salaries of the CEOs.  Both the OcalaCC, and the Ocala EDC collapsed during the 2011 calendar year electing to join forces in the free Ocala City Building given to the organizations.  EDC Marion and Marion County Chamber have become the only survivors of the reduction of governmental funds. "Both the EDC Marion and Marion Chamber of Commerce do not take government funds and that has made all the difference," 
Strong interest in Ocala Best struggle to stem economic down turn::  Randall  Alvord joins concerned citizens hoping to help economy recover in Ocala.

The Gross National Debt

An economic development leader for decades, Jimmy Leeward brought prosperity to millions.

Always ready with ideas and the ability to turn dreams into reality,

Jimmy Leeward did his part and helped make Marion County success. 

The Leeward Air Ranch is a Best Florida Visit Destination. 

State Representative Charles Van Zant 
Florida House of Representatives, District 21 Marion County At the Home of
Doctors Riadh & Manal Fakhoury hold reception for Charles Van Zant

EDC Marion's Economic Action Team promotes all of Marion County.  Tax Payers asked for a better program to promote a healthy economic community.

Sit Back and Relax as you view images of Econiic Promotion in Marion County.   A What's Up Ocala Promotion.


EDC Executive Director Don Browning elects to turn down his entire compensation package of $125,000 because the need is great to fund Economic Development in Marion County.  While unemployment is above 10% Director Browning will not take compensation for EDCCF Public Policy Institute work, or Marion Chamber of Commerce efforts.

Art in Modern Belleview is found at All about Art.  Stop in and see what treasures you can find.

Leading Art Attraction, Voted Best fun and relaxed quality Art Venue in Central Florida.  

All About Art of Belleview. 



IHMC Afternoon Lectures in Ocala are an experience you will enjoy.

 Space Florida and NASA are well represented in these educational meetings with community and world leaders. 



Don Browning's Z06 takes best of show in Fast Yellow Corvette category.  

George Albright lll kicks off inaugural Really Cool Rides Charity Auto Show in Marion County.  

We the People, Voters Look to the Future.
New Courthouse to Represent a Strong Marion County Future.

 EDC Marion Director B. Christopher Beville

Cliff Stearns joins Democrats in calling for more regulation of auto mufflers to make them louder.

Congressional Question of the Day.  Are cars too quiet? Are they not quiet enough?  Does a person walking in traffic have a responsibility for his or her safety? Should they have to pay attention to traffic?  Do you support Cliff Stearns' new federal legislation requiring auto manufacturers to make autos louder for persons not paying attention to danger.  Should we add to greenhouse gasses by building more Power Plants that provide "Gas" for Electric Cars promoted by Republican Congressmen Stearns and Democrat Congressman Edolphus Towns of New York.  Both  Congressmen feel that "there is a beneficial trend toward quieter environmentally friendly autos that will require more high pollution power plants that some feel belch too many greenhouse gasses into our fragile atmosphere.  According to EDC Driector B. Christopher Beville it is unclear if Rep. Town or Stearns know about the current federal laws requiring loud horns on all vehicles to alert children, or adults not aware of their surroundings while walking in traffic.


 Congressman Cliff Stearns feels unsafe when he and others walk in traffic.  Should congressmen have to pay attention.  Stearns asks for sweeping federal regulations to make cars more noisy at low speeds.  Congressman Stearns has Idea for more Federal Regulation and founding a Federal Idea Museum.  The Idea of Stearns finally retiring may be main exhibit in the Stearns National Idea Museum.  
Congressman thinks new power plants and electric cars are the wave of the future.  Paying ahead for new power plants is not sitting well with voters.  Candidate Don Browning is against new expensive power plant charges on utility bills, billing now to support electric car demand.  Government should get out of the Power Plant push to support electric cars.  As for electric cars let them pay for the power plants.    Quiet vehicles have horns, Hybrids, Golf Carts, Bicycles, and cars with adequate mufflers are not unsafe for persons not paying attention, walking in and near traffic?  Each person walking in traffic should wake up and watch for traffic hazards.  We don't need more Federal Regulation to protect congressmen from what they should do for themselves.
Question of the Day: Do you agree with Congressman Cliff Stearns and Democrat partners in the new Auto Noise Benefits Bill, future autos must meet new federal regulations requiring cars to make more noise to help people walking in traffic while not paying attention?  Recent legislation is advanced after congressman and wife felt unsafe walking in traffic and paying attention to on coming automobiles.  
It is unknown how much it will cost to make cars safer so Cliff Stearns and others can be safe without actually paying attention while walking in traffic. 

Current Federal Regulation requires auto manufactures to reduce noise with extensive muffling devices.  New Cliff Stearns Bill in congress requires additional sweeping regulation to create noise because many people apparently walk in traffic and more noise is needed to help them AVOID INJURIES BECAUSE THEY OFTEN ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION WHILE AT RISK. 

A Heart of survey finds zero support for expanding the federal government to make cars quieter and louder than they currently are.  Congress must get a muffle on their expanded sense of importance.  Drivers have horns currently mandated to achieve what the congressman and his wife need for noise to help them pay attention according to EDC Director Christopher Beville.

Welcome graphic

Marion County Commissioners set a new Economic Action Plan in place.  Recognize the EDC of Marion County.  Helping the world Discover Marion County is the number 1 job.  Opportunity abounds.  Governor Rick Scott is working to save his Florida.
The Marion EDC Economic Action Team is ready to preform.